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Monday Night Clinic
Goodyear, AZ

A note from Coach Dominic:

TTP is a one-on-one training program.  In order to give my athletes the attention they need to train properly, I have limited space available.  The application form, and my process, allows me to take on new athletes as soon as room becomes available. 

Application Form

Before being accepted into the TTP program, you must fill out this application form.  You will receive a response within 2 business days.  In the case of multiple family members, please send an application for each athlete.

11 - In the past 2 months, on average, how many times per week have you trained in the gym?
13 - How many years of experience do you have in a gym setting?
12 - In the past 2 months, how many times have you trained on a BMX track?
14 - What is your overall fitness level?
Thank you for your interest. 
You will receive a response soon!
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