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Team TTP


How can I be on the Team & what are the expectations? 

-  Be serious and consistent with your TTP training program 


-  Show 100% effort in all races. No quitting before the finish line. We pedal through the finish line, whether we are winning by a whole straight away or dead last... You are trained to sprint a whole lap. And that is exactly what you are required to do during all of your races. 


-  Show good sportsmanship and a professional attitude at all times

  • You do not throw your bike when you’re not happy about your last lap

  • You do not trash talk other riders from other teams 

  • You always show up to races with clean gear (bike, helmet, jersey etc...) 

  • Absolutely no swearing 

What’s in it for me?


-  Team TTP is in a partnership / Co-sponsor agreement with OTTO Racing and Kali Protectives helmets.  

  • Every TTP Rider will receive a 50% discount on all the TTP racing Kit, Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Gloves etc.

  • TTP riders will also receive 50% discount on all other OTTO Racing products as well

  • TTP riders will also receive a 30% discount on all Kali Helmet and Keli protective products


* Email / Text Dominic to receive your discount code

-  TTP Athletes receive a custom, Olympic level training program.


Every country hand picks its team, only taking the best of the best and leaving the others behind. Those hand picked athletes are very well taken care of, but their training methods are often not accessible for the other riders. 


Although those training methods are unique and designed on a case by case, the integrity of a correct training structure remains the same. 


TTP is another proven training method that is available to all athletes.

If it is your dream to achieve the highest level, you can now walk the walk and talk the talk like the best of them, and see for yourself if you have what it takes - No more excuses. 

Honored Athlete

White "Honored Athlete" Kit


*Note that TTP requires that all TTP Honored Athletes wear their white gear during important races only (Level 2 or 3 races)

How can I become an Honored Athlete?

Just like a black belt in a martial arts school, the white TTP Kit is not something that can be purchased, it has to be earned.  


You will earn your white TTP kit by meeting the following requirements: 


-  Completing a full season / TTP training cycle (6 months)


-  Athlete must show significant improvement on the original technique scorecard


-  Athlete must complete a 110% of 1 rep max squat (for athletes with a gym membership only -13 years old and over)


-  Athlete must show a significant improvement from the original 60 meter acceleration test

*Note: we re-evaluate all TTP Athletes every 6 months to a year depending on racing season 


-  Athlete must present their School Report Card and show continuous success, or significant academic improvement 

(for athletes enrolled in a school program only) 


Continued success in BMX racing is something to be proud of, however, there is a life beyond BMX racing. Becoming a TTP Honored Athlete not only means that you have succeeded in the sport of BMX racing, but also that you have become a role model for other athletes as well. 

Most importantly, the work ethic you have learned and developed through TTP will serve you in all of your future endeavors. Therefore, TTP requires that the same amount of dedication you have shown in the sport of BMX has to be shown academically as well. 


When you see a white TTP rider, flying over the jumps of the National circuit tracks, rest assured that this particular rider has shown an incredible amount of work ethic, consistency, determination, self improvement with a professional attitude. While at the same time, succeeded academically...


 - Dominic

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