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Brock Heffron,

4X World Champion

"Meeting him the first time, he greeted me with a big smile and said we were going to get me to where I wanted to be.  A random day on the track turned into the best thing that ever happened to me in racing.  Before my first World Championship, Dominic had me doing these interval sprints.  I didn't understand it until I got there and realized it all made sense.  The drills he has you do explain themselves when you get on the track."

"When people ask how Brock got to be World Champion, we talk about how we trained with Dominic.  The first session, we thought maybe we had the wrong guy.  The first thing he said was the bike was all wrong.  We got our tails kicked the first race.  But Dominic has a plan.  It takes time. We wanted to train with Dominic so that we could learn how to ride like Dominic because he has already been a world champion."

John Heffron, Brock's father

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Ryan Goderre,

USA National Champion

"Dominic was very focused and meticulous in his approach, which allowed me to narrow in on the different aspects of BMX."

"I was there every practice and you could see Dominic cared not only about the sport, but about the kids.  From a father's standpoint, that was a big reason we kept coming back."


Tom Goderre, Ryan's father

Maxime Lacasse,

"Dominic brought his experience from Europe.  Every clinic was so structured.  Everyone thought he was from another planet. His riding skills were beautiful to watch.  To us, he was the best rider Quebec ever had.  He was on a different level. He taught us that there is no shortcut."


Doug Butcher,

father of Dougie Butcher, 2X National Champion

"What sets Dominic apart from every trainer we've had, and we had tens and tens of trainers, is his attention to detail.  It's not one big thing, it's all the little things he can pick out and improve.  My son loved training with Dominic. What I loved is that he put all of his focus on my son.  He taught him work ethic, to work for what he wants, which I can see in Dougie as man now.  I owe all of that to Dominic."


Yann Bonici,
3x France  Champion

"Dominic and I trained together in France.  We became friends.  He was hardworking, serious, we spent 7-8 hours training every day.  It only took a year for him to reach the World Championship.  When he's got an idea, he won't change his mind.  He'll go all the way."

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